What is Premature Ejaculation?


Premature ejaculation (PE) is a relatively common problem. It is an issue when men cannot have sexual acts long enough to have satisfactory sex. It is a source of dissatisfaction for both sex partners. However, for men, it also means low self-esteem and confidence.

PE has widespread health implications. For example, men living with PE start avoiding sexual contact. This only makes things worse. It is pretty harmful to intimate relationships and mental health.

Understanding ejaculation

The human sexual act, orgasm, and ejaculation are pretty complicated phenomena. Humans differ from other mammals in that they do not have sex just for the continuity of their kind. For humans, sex is also a way to build relationships and has a beneficial effect on mental and physical health.

However, it also means that falling physical and mental health negatively impacts sexual performance and libido.

When it comes to ejaculation, men initiate it voluntarily, but once it has started, it is almost a reflex that cannot be stopped.

In humans, sperms are produced in testicles but stored in the epididymis. In the first stage of ejaculation, these sperms are moved from the epididymis to the beginning of the urethra. It is followed by a second stage, when sperms are expelled from the body.

This process has many other stages. In the epididymis, sperms are stored in the acidic fluid. Sperms are immotile in acidic fluids. However, before ejaculation, these sperms are mixed with alkaline fluids secreted by the prostate and bulbourethral glands. This helps create a neutral pH which is essential for sperm motility.

Not only that, once outside, sperms can receive oxygen which is also needed for their motility.

So, as one can see, ejaculation is quite a complex process playing a vital role in sexual satisfaction and male reproduction.

However, since it is involuntary or becomes a reflex reaction in its later stage, some men find it hard to control it, and thus, they cannot prolong the sexual act. Therefore, the only way to prevent ejaculation is to delay its onset.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that when it comes to neural pathways, it appears that serotonergic pathways play a vital role in ejaculation onset. It means that some men are genetically prone to the condition.

What is premature ejaculation (PE)?

One of the problems with PE is that there is no universally accepted definition of the condition. Experts say that since most men would have a sexual act for 4-7 minutes or more, it would be correct to say that PE is an ejaculation that occurs within 2 minutes of penetration. However, if ejaculation occurs within 1 minute, it may be regarded as a severe issue.

However, it is worth understanding that one would also need to consider many other factors. For example, some men may have sex for longer than two minutes, but they might still be dissatisfied.

Additionally, there is also a need to consider partners’ satisfaction. If a sexual act is too short to satisfy a partner most of the time, PE may be considered. Moreover, studies show that most men who report PE say that their primary concern is unable to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs.

Further, there is a need to consider other factors like the presence of mood disorders and other mental health issues. Many such issues might result in PE.

To conclude, PE is a common problem among men. It may occur due to many reasons. Some men are genetically prone to develop the condition, and others may develop it due to anxiety or other psychological causes. Since PE can be quite distressing with a grave impact on physical and mental health, it is always good to seek medical treatment for the condition.

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