Acne is among the most common skin disorders in the Malay peninsula. It may affect 85% of those aged 12 to 24 and a large proportion of older people. Since it is a skin problem of adolescents and young adults, it may also negatively impact personal life and cause mental distress.

acne treatment

It occurs for multiple reasons like oily skin, infection, and higher skin sensitivity to hormones. However, the most common cause is the plugging of hair follicles in those with increased sebum production or due to dead skin.  

Though most cases of acne are quite mild, it may cause severe problems in some. If not treated, it may even cause permanent skin scarring in some individuals. Hence, it is always good to seek timely medical treatment for the condition. 

Types of acne and symptoms 

There are many types of acne: 

  • Whiteheads – when pores are plugged or closed 
  • Blackheads- when pores are open 
  • Small red and tender bumps or papules 
  • Pimples or papules with pus at their tips 
  • Large, solid, and painful nodules under the skin 
  • Painful and pus-filled lumps under the skin that cause severe skin scarring 


Acne can often be a benign condition, just causing mild whiteheads or blackheads. However, in some, it may cause severe puss-filled lesions that may leave permanent scars. Acne most commonly occurs on the face and forehead, but it may also occur on the shoulders and upper back. 

Should one seek medical attention? 

Generally, whiteheads and blackheads can be managed without medical help. People may use home remedies or even some commonly available medicated cosmetics. However, one may need medical attention if there are severe pimples, lumps, and puss-filled papules. Moreover, in some, they may cover most of the face. If untreated, they may continue to affect for years and even decades. 

In males, acne is more common during puberty and things may get better with time. In addition, in some individuals, there are flares of acne. Such flares may occur seasonally or even monthly. 

If you are living with severe acne, do not depend on the commonly available cosmetic brands. After all, acne is a disease and not just some mild cosmetic issue. In addition, FDA warns that some commonly used cosmetics to manage acne may rather cause harm. 

What causes acne? 

Acne is so challenging to manage as they occur due to many reasons. Some of the causes of acne are: 

  1. Excessive sebum production or oily skin 
  2. Blockage of the hair follicle by dead skin cells 
  3. Bacterial infection 
  4. Inflammation 


One can see that there could be many causes of acne, which is why even doctors sometimes struggle to treat acne. That is why those living with acne should seek treatment in a specialized clinic.  


When visiting a clinic, sharing information regarding flares is a good idea. Most people living with acne know that there are a few things that make their conditions worse like: 

  • Certain medications may also cause acne  
  • Diet plays an important role in the development of acne, especially in high-carb foods. However, sometimes people benefit significantly by making dietary changes. 
  • Stress is among the less realized cause of acne, but it is among the relevant causes. 
acne treatment

Why is acne treatment vital? 

It is wrong to think that acne cannot cause long-term effects. It is true that acne would not cause any life-threatening issues, but it may cause permanent scars. Additionally, poorly managed acne may cause some changes in the skin, like hyper or hypopigmentation.  

Some of the known risk factors for the condition are age, hormonal changes, family history, reaction to certain foods and medicines, and even sometimes acne may occur when the skin comes in contact with specific items. 

In summary, acne is one of the most common skin diseases. Though most cases of skin can be managed through home remedies, but not all. So if things keep getting worse and you experience a more severe form of acne like nodules, cystic lesions, or pus-filled lumps, it is better to seek immediate medical attention.  

Doctors can effectively treat most cases of acne, though, in some, they tend to reoccur and require prolonged medical care.


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