Let's accept the fact that times have changed, and it is highly unpleasant and heartbreaking to learn about some of the pre-existing health problems of your spouse. Solution? It is a prenuptial screening for men and women. It is said that trust is good, but testing is even better.


It does not matter even if you have been together for quite a long. There is no way one can know about all the health conditions of the future partner. Moreover, we are not discussing deceit, as individuals are not even aware of their health issues themselves in most cases. For example, they might not know about certain genetic disorders, reproduction issues, pre-diabetes, hypertension, or even sexually transmitted diseases.

Prenuptial screening and its results do not mean you doubt your future partner. On the contrary, it is about helping both partners to prepare well for their future life. After all, most health issues can be treated. For example, genetic disorders do not mean that the two cannot get married. It only means a need for better prenatal care and testing.

Hence, before we dive deeper into the subject, we must understand that prenuptial screening is not just about sexually transmitted diseases. Neither going to such tests indicate distrust between the partners. Instead, it is primarily about being ready to know each other better. Moreover, in most cases, the conditions diagnosed during such screening are readily manageable.


General health checkups and genetic counselling

Doctors would often start with a general health checkup, which would include screening for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesteremia, and other common health issues. Then, doctors would often use a detailed blood test, including a full blood count. Even knowing the blood group and understanding things like rhesus factor status is essential for couples.

Tests would also help find some rare disorders like thalassemia.

Genetic counselling must be a part of prenuptial screening. Doctors would generally take a detailed family history of couples. Here it is vital to understand that doctors would not essentially go for extensive genetic testing. Quite often, understanding the family history may be enough. For example, doctors may learn to ask about other family members and the presence of diseases like asthma, heart disease, cancers, and more.

Additionally, doctors might pay particular attention to the mental health status of the couples. Such screening may help identify commonly found mood disorders and may also help diagnose personality disorders. Understanding mental health issues may help prepare couples better for their future together.


Screening for sexually transmitted diseases

Generally, screening for sexually transmitted diseases is considered an essential part of prenuptial screening. In addition, doctors would often test for conditions like gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydial infection, and more.

It is highly recommended that any prenuptial screening include testing for viral infections like HIV, hepatitis B & C, HPV, and other infections. It is especially important considering that some of these infections are highly challenging to manage and could be transmitted to your partner or future children.

To summarise, prenuptial screening is a good idea as it may help prevent certain unpleasant surprises after marriage. It may also show if couples are complementary to each other or not. However, it is not just about sexually transmitted diseases. It is perhaps more about understanding the risk of genetic diseases and various health issues that people may be living with.


Prenuptial screening would help couples to be better prepared for their future life together. It may also be good for offspring, as couples may know beforehand about the risk of certain genetic disorders.

The benefits of prenuptial screening and counseling may even be felt several years after marriage. For example, if asthma is a significant problem in one of the partners, then couples would know that their offsprings are at a greater risk. This may also help diagnose specific health conditions in a timely fashion.

Although prenuptial screening is still taboo in most countries, undergoing such screening and counseling may be highly beneficial for couples. At our clinic, we also guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality and ensure that all personal information of visitors is completely secure with us.

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