Premature ejaculation (PE) is a more common problem than you think in men of all ages. Approximately a third of men experience it at some point in time.

Premature ejaculation treatment

It is a condition in which men frequently ejaculate too early with minimal stimulation before or shortly after penetration, thus failing to have satisfactory intercourse. It also has a negative impact on the sex partner, as both had reduced satisfaction from the sexual act. There is no universal cutoff for defining premature ejaculation but The International Society of Sexual Medicine uses up to 1 minute after penetration as the cutoff in its definition.

It is primarily due to psychological issues rather than physical ailments. Thus, anxiety, lack of confidence, bad sexual experience, depression, and other mental problems may cause PE. However, PE may also be due to a low level of hormones, inflammation, infection, and other chronic ailments in some.

If you frequently ejaculate within 1 minute and you cannot prolong the sexual act, you must seek medical attention. However, one must not feel embarrassed about it, as it is not a rare condition. Doctors can help prevent PE through lifestyle interventions, suggesting ways of improving sexual acts, prescribing creams, and even oral drugs. Thus, there are many treatment options for the condition.


Reasons why you may not last long?

There could be many reasons for not lasting long. However, before diving deeper into the subject, it is vital to understand that if you last five minutes or more, you might not have any issues even though thesedays many people would like to last much longer than five minutes, due to personal and partner related reasons.

One of the common reasons why many fail to last long is that they have trouble gaining a hard erection. It is a condition called erectile dysfunction. Even when individuals gain some erection, they find it hard to maintain it.

However, in many cases, premature ejaculation (PE) may be an isolated issue. These are individuals who readily get a hard erection andcan readily penetrate but may ejaculate too quickly, quite often within a minute or two. Thus, they fail to have satisfactory sex.

PE may affect individuals of any age. It affects young men relatively more frequently, as older men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, studies show that PE is mainly due to psychological reasons.


Some of the causes of PE are:

  • Poor past sexual experiences
  • Anxiety – especially regarding the sexual performance
  • Relationship issues – lack of healthy and emotional relationship with a partner
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Some may also have PE due to biological reasons like abnormal hormone levels, chronic health issues, inflammation, and prostate gland infection.


Who should seek PE treatment?

First of all, it is worth understanding that PE is quite a curable health condition. Nevertheless, managing the condition requires prolonged effort. Sometimes even a good interaction with a doctor may help overcome some of the psychological issues causing the problem.

Though it is a manageable issue, nonetheless, many men are hesitant to seek medical attention for the condition. Moreover, it is a highly embarrassing situation for many men; thus, they do not want to accept the problem. Instead, many may withdraw from sex life.

Doctors recommend that anyone experiencing this problem regularly should seek medical attention. Of course, if one has this problem irregularly, then it is not a significant issue. However, if one frequently fails to prolong the sexual act and ejaculates within the minute, it is an indication for seeking medical help. One may also seek medical help if one of the partners feels distressed due to the short duration of sexual intimacy.

premature ejaculation treatments

What are the treatment options?

There are many treatment options, from behavioural changes and topical creams to oral drugs. For someone, treatment may work better. For others, another mode of treatment may help.

Among behavioural changes, masturbating an hour or two before sex may help in many instances. It is especially true for young adults. Experts recommend that one should also focus more on foreplay to reduce anxiety. Moreover, foreplay can also add to the overall sexual satisfaction. One may also learn to prolong ejaculation by practising when masturbating.

It is interesting to note that for many men, latex protection works quite well. One must choose latex protection that are thicker. For some individuals, topical creams work. These creams contain anaesthetics and may reduce the overall sensation and thus help prolong the sexual act. At Hisential, we are developing in-house proprietary solutions as well. Doctors may also use medications like antidepressants to treat the condition. In addition, there are some drugs specifically approved for the condition.


If you ejaculate too early and are unsatisfied with your sexual performance, schedule an appointment with our men’s health specialists at Hisential Sexual Health Clinic in Kuala Lumpur today.

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