People may be affected by different infectious and non-infectious diseases during their lifetime, but not all diseases have obvious signs or symptoms, especially in their early stages. If these conditions remain undiagnosed, they can cause significant disability and severe illness in the later stages. Medicine is now progressing from focusing on curing disease when they are severe enough to cause symptoms to early detection and prompt treatment.

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Mild hypertension, high cholesterol, early-stage breast cancer, prostate cancer, HIV, and sexually transmitted diseases – all these conditions have one thing in common. They have almost no symptoms in their early stages, and when they finally do present themselves clinically, it may be too late. Having good, comprehensive health screening is the best way to identify these conditions. If diagnosed early, these conditions are often easily manageable, and sometimes even curable. 

The secret to staying well in life and ageing gracefully is to identify these “silent killers” in their infancy – that is, as early as possible. Thus, one should not weigh for any signs and symptoms to develop. Instead, regular screening should be a part of life.  

You can contact us, and our experts can help you choose the right kind of screening panel, which can help diagnose most conditions in the very early stages.  

One can readily get screened for the most common health issues by just spending half a morning with our doctors who will organize all investigations for you. There are many screening panels available, and one can consult our doctor to choose the right one. 

On this page, it’s impossible to mention all the health screening packages, but we will list some of the most commonly requested ones. Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting our specialist to understand what kind of health screening may be right for you. The choice of health screening methods and tests depends on many factors like age, comorbidities, and more. Do note, we do offer screening packages for couples.


General health screening 

It includes a physical examination by a doctor. One can also discuss various health issues. Some of the common tests included in the panel are: 

  • Full blood count 
  • Cholesterol profile 
  • Diabetes screening 
  • Kidney profile 
  • Liver profile 
  • Thyroid profile 
  • Urine microscopy 
  • ECG 


However, one can also ask for screening for other health conditions in consultation with our physician. If needed, doctors can recommend other tests like: 

  • Iron studies 
  • Vitamin B12 status 
  • Folate test 
  • Cardiac markers like CRP and homocysteine 
  • Bone and joint health tests 
  •  Screening for hepatitis A, B, and C 
  • Parathyroid hormones 
  • STD screening 
  • Urine culture 
  • Imaging like abdomen ultrasound 
  • Pap smear 
  • Screening for various cancers like colon, prostate, breast, lungs, and others 


Some of the commonly requested screening panels 

Below are some of the most commonly requested screening panels at our clinic: 

  • Cancer screening 
  • Testing for stomach issues like H. Pylori 
  • Tuberculosis testing and other pulmonary tests 
  • Allergy testing 
  • Comprehensive STD testing 
  • Anonymous testing for HIV or other infections 
  • Cardiovascular screening 
  • Screening for metabolic disorders like diabetes 


Preparing for health screening 

Our health screening tests leverage on modern technology to allow them to be conducted at any time of the day. Fasting is not required, and our concierge will be happy to organize health screening at a location convenient for you.  

It is a good idea to schedule an in-person consultation or teleconsultation with our doctors to share about your past and existing medical conditions.  

Health Screening

Other recommendations 

Incorporating regular comprehensive health screening in your life may help diagnose conditions that could potentially result in worse complications in the future. In many cases, a person may not have any symptoms, while in others, vague symptoms.  

When it comes to the choice of test panels or what kind of screening should one opt for, it is better done in consultation with our specialists. Doctors would consider various factors like lifestyle, family history, and age and may also perform a physical examination to assess the health status before making any recommendation.  

To sum it up, prevention is better than cure. It is better to go for regular health screening at our clinic, where we not only carry out lab tests but also provide health care. Early identification of health disorders may help prevent complications and disability and may help prolong your life. 


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