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Men are likely to live a few years less than females. This difference between the average age between the genders is not only due to risky behavior or substance abuse. Men are also less likely to seek timely medical attention and go for regular health screening.

It is no secret that some health disorders are more common among men. Whereas some disorders might affect both genders equally, but they tend to have more severe consequences in men.

Health screening should be done regularly and is essential for men of various age groups.

Health screening for men aged 19 to 39

Most health conditions can now be diagnosed quite early. Yet, studies show that many men are often unaware of their condition. For example, many young men are not aware that they have high blood pressure or diabetes.

  • Blood pressure screening– managing it effectively may help considerably reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications later in life. It may even help reduce the risk of kidney disease. So, if you have high blood pressure, book an appointment with a doctor to learn how to control it.
  • Screening for cholesterol and heart disease – more and more young men are getting a  heart attack . However, even a simple test like that of cholesterol may help understand the risk. Further, doctors may use other methods in high-risk individuals. The risk of heart conditions is higher in obese people.
  • Diabetes screening– about 10% of men, are living with diabetes. Simple glucose testing may help confirm the diagnosis. It is vital to understand that most people develop diabetes before the age of 40. However, diabetes does not produce any symptoms in many cases. It is not rare for diabetes to be diagnosed accidentally when the blood is tested for other reasons.
  • Dental screening– men are more likely to neglect dental health. Moreover, some dental issues are pretty easy to correct in their early stages. However, at later stages, it may be quite an expensive and time taking procedure.
  • Eye examination– it is good to have an eye examination once every 2 years. It is especially important for those living with diabetes.
  • Physical examination – these are simple tests like body weight, BMI. However, understanding these issues may help prevent severe health issues later in life.
  • Infectious disease screening– not all disease produces significant symptoms. Some infections may remain latent for years. Just take an example of hepatitis C. It may produce mild and vague symptoms in many. Similarly, one should get screened for sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, HIV, chlamydia – the need for such tests also depends on the lifestyle.
  • Screening for other health issues– that is not all; many other disease conditions are on the rise. For example, one may need to seek help for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse. Some men may also need testicular examination.

Health screening for men aged 40 to 64

All the screening tests mentioned for men aged 19 to 39 remain relevant for those above the age of 40. In fact, screening for some of them becomes even vital, like blood pressure, risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Certain diseases are more likely to be diagnosed after the age of 40. Thus, after the 40s, most men should regularly go through screening for specific diseases even if they feel pretty well.

  • Greater need for screening blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of cardiovascular conditions
  • Colorectal screening- generally stool tests or immunological tests done each year may help identify the condition early. Further, colonoscopy is also recommended in high-risk groups every five years (like those with a family history of such cancers or polyps).
  • Dental, diabetes, an eye exam every 2-4 years
  • Lung cancer screening, at least every 5 years
  • Osteoporosis screening – especially for those older than 50 years of age.
  • Prostate cancer screening- it is strongly recommended that all men above the age of 55 should get screened for the risk of prostate cancer. It is even more important for those with a family history of prostate cancer.
  • Skin and testicular examination.

Prevention is better than treatment. The small cost of regular screening is justified due to its high benefits. Moreover, most screening tests are pretty straightforward and do not require much time.

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