Mobile App – Hisential SuperApp: The Future of Personalized Healthcare at Your Fingertips


In an era of digitization and convenience, healthcare should no longer be an exception. As pioneers in the healthcare industry, Hisential has leveraged technology to revolutionize its medical ecosystem. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Hisential SuperApp, now available on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Imagine a world where your healthcare journey is simplified, streamlined, and designed to adapt to your busy lifestyle. With our virtual clinic in your pocket, you’ll have access to healthcare services at your fingertips. Let’s explore some of the transformative features that this app brings to your smartphone.

Virtual Consultations, Real Care

Say goodbye to having to drag yourself out of bed while feeling sick just to drive to a clinic for an appointment. With the Hisential SuperApp, you can schedule online teleconsultations at your convenience with our Men’s Health doctors. This gives you the freedom to connect with your doctors via video calls, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re at home or on a business trip across the globe, our medical experts are now just a tap away.

Easy Medication Refills and Home Delivery

The Hisential SuperApp simplifies your medication management. With just a few taps, you can refill your prescriptions and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Forget about pharmacy queues and prescription paper slips—just enjoy the convenience.

Stay Connected with Your Clinic

Our SuperApp revolutionizes patient-doctor communication. It’s not just about video consultations—you can directly message your clinic, ask questions, request additional services, and keep your healthcare provider updated on your progress. It’s like having your clinic in your pocket, ready to assist you whenever you need it.

Your Medical Records, Digitized

Sifting through stacks of medical documents can be a tedious task. The Hisential SuperApp eliminates this by securely digitizing all your medical records. From your diagnostic or health screening reports to invoices and medical certificates, everything is accessible at your convenience for a seamless and informed healthcare journey.

Simplified Appointments and Check-Ins

Booking appointments has never been easier. Through the Hisential SuperApp, You can schedule your visits at available slots and sync them with your calendar. Plus, the check-in process is greatly simplified—just scan a QR code on your app upon arrival at the clinic and you’re all set. No more waiting in lines or filling out forms.

Stay Informed with Medical Articles

Education is a key part of maintaining and improving your health. The Hisential SuperApp offers a library of informative medical articles. Whether you’re keen on learning about a recent health trend or understanding a specific medical condition, the app has got you covered.

The Hisential SuperApp isn’t just another healthcare app—it’s a game-changer that transforms the way you experience healthcare. This comprehensive platform has been custom-designed to provide you with  personalized, on-demand medical services.

Why just read about it when you can experience it firsthand? The future of healthcare is at your fingertips, and it’s time for you to take control. The power of good health is now just a click away!

Download the Hisential SuperApp from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.

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