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Who is Hisential?

The world is predominantly made of two genders, males, and females. Gynecological clinics or health centers dedicated to female health have existed for a long to cater to the specific needs of female health. However, men remained neglected, often wondering where to seek medical attention for some of their problems. 

However, things are changing fast as the world realizes that men also require different approaches. Still, regretfully, there are very few clinics dedicated to male health. There are more barbershops focusing on men in many cities than clinics. However, men have distinct physical and mental health issues. They find it embarrassing to seek attention for their hair loss, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, and other specific problems. 

Moreover, contemporary men need something more than essential services. They expect world-class healthcare at a competitive price. They expect that service should be provided in a premium and relaxing atmosphere. It is not just about getting treatment for some disorders. Men expect that everything should happen in a highly comfortable environment – it is precisely what Hisential aims to provide. It aims to fill this gap and provide top-notch healthcare to men. Moreover, these services are provided by specialists with years of experience in treating male disorders. All services are premium, custom & discreet. 

Here are some of the services you can expect, and the list is expanding: 

Men’s sexual health 

Covering conditions like sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, various urinogenital disorders, and prostate issues. Men can expect to get help even for minor issues like fatigue and mood issues caused by hormonal changes. They can just discuss any health concerns and expect to get the best possible support. 


as prevention is always better than treatment. Wellness is about identifying diseases in their early stages, and it is also about providing psychological help. 

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are not a rare problem and yet a highly embarrassing situation. However, delay in seeking medical help can have grave consequences for men. In many cases, men seek medical attention when the disease is already advanced. However, in a dedicated clinic to male health like Hisential, men can seek immediate attention for their complex issues. 

Chronic ailments

At Hisential, we understand that men have a different spectrum of disorders. They react differently to diseases and medications. Thus, we provide customized care for hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and other health disorders.  

Custom health supplements 

The truth is that there are numerous supplements for the beautiful gender, but very few for the stronger gender. Men need help and advice about when and how to use various supplements to stay healthy and energized. Some of them help in specific health conditions like hair nutrition, bone health, and more. 


men might be called the stronger sex, but they also need to be attractive. They have different skin than women. Often, aesthetic clinics fail to help them, as most doctors are better trained to help women. However, at Hisential, things differ, and all doctors are trained to take care of male skin. They can help treat acne and eczema and remove lumps. We also provide various cosmetic procedures like fillers, lasers, and more.  

At Hisential, we fully understand how male requirements considerably differ. Just take an example of male pattern baldness, a condition unique to men. Even when it comes to fillers, women would like to have beautiful lips, but for men, it is more about boosting masculinity and highlighting facial lines, making jawline look more prominent, and so on. 

Women are less reluctant to discuss their concerns, and they are also more expressive. However, men differ, and they feel pretty embarrassed to seek help even for some severe health conditions. Moreover, even if they seek help, they tend to under describe their problem. This is the reason why clinics specializing in male health can provide a unique experience. So, visit Hisential for all your health needs and get customized care in a safe environment. 

What our customers are saying about us

Khee Lam Chow
Khee Lam Chow
Good Services
wayneson tay
wayneson tay
Very knowledgable doctor, reassuring and friendly.
Joseph Saw
Joseph Saw
Never thought I'd be one to chat about my ED, but the crew at Hisential, especially the doctor, just made it feel...normal. Went through this ESWT treatment, six sessions in total. But I felt way better even before the last one. Big shout out to them.
Amirul Asyraf
Amirul Asyraf
Very nice place to get your problem tested, friendly doc and staff, the clinic look so aesthetic!
that's on pyramid
that's on pyramid
Friendly and welcoming environment. The price itself it affordable
محمد عبد الله
محمد عبد الله
Thanks it's so nice
Clarence Chng
Clarence Chng
The staff is super friendly and Dr.Lim is very kind and non judgemental and inform me everything I need to know. Will definitely come back.
benjamin tan
benjamin tan
Great experience

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