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What Is It?

Cardiovascular problems like heart attack are Singapore’s number one cause of death. What is worrisome is that many start to develop cardiovascular problems at a young age. However, many cardiovascular problems remain undetected till it worsens into something more severe, like a heart attack.

Should I Be Concerned?

Studies show that 33% of Singaporeans live with hypertension. However, barely one-third are controlling their hypertension. Similarly, about 32% of Singaporeans have high cholesterol, yet most do not know about it, and thus they fail to take measures to control it.

How Can I Prevent It?

Regular health check-ups, Dietary measures, limiting intake of salt and highly processed sugars, stress management, improving sleep quality, quit smoking, being compliant to medications when indicated and engage in regular exercise. Speak with us, we’ve got you covered.

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