Heart problems are a big deal in Singapore, affecting people of all ages. Even young folks can have issues with their heart. One big problem is high blood pressure, which many Singaporeans have but don't always know about. High cholesterol is another sneaky issue—it silently damages our blood vessels, leading to serious problems like heart disease and stroke. We also need to remember that stroke is a type of cardiovascular problem too, and it's just as serious.


Knowing the Different Heart Problems

Heart problems come in many shapes and sizes. From heart failure and heart attacks to strokes and irregular heartbeats, there’s a lot to watch out for. But here’s the thing: many heart problems start off small and do not elicit any symptoms. That’s why it’s super important to recognize the signs of an unhealthy heart, like chest pain or feeling tired all the time.

Below are some of the common signs of heart disease:
Pain in the left side of the chest, or even pain in the upper left arm
Swollen lower legs and feet
Shortness of breath
Chronic fatigue
Snoring and sleeping problems
Unexplained and chronic cough
Irregular heartbeats
Sexual dysfunction

What Puts You at Risk and How to Stay Safe

Certain things make you more likely to have heart problems. Things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being overweight, and diabetes are big ones. But the good news is, you can do something about it! Eating healthy, staying active, managing stress, and not smoking are all ways to keep your heart in good shape. And don’t forget to get regular check-ups with your doctor—they can catch problems early and help you stay healthy.

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The Importance of Getting Checked

If you’re at higher risk for heart problems, it’s extra important to see your doctor regularly. They can check things like your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar to make sure everything’s okay. Sometimes they might even do special tests to get a closer look at your heart. Getting checked regularly is like giving your heart a check-up—it helps you stay on top of things and catch any problems before they get worse.

Taking Charge of Your Heart Health

Let’s make keeping our hearts healthy a priority. By staying informed, eating right, staying active, and seeing our doctors regularly, we can take control of our heart health and live our best lives. Reach out to our friendly medical team today and start your journey to a healthier heart!