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Sports Injuries (ESWT)

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What Is It?

For many, shoulder or ankle pain or elbow pain may occur due to repetitive motions or overuse of certain muscles or tendons, for example, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. However, now studies show that these conditions become recurrent not only due to repeated overuse or stress but also due to a degenerative process.

Should I Be Concerned?

When injuries last longer than they should it is often due to suboptimal healing. That is why some may continue to experience pain even after months of treatment with oral anti-inflammatory drugs, injections, and physiotherapy.

How Should I Treat It?

ESWT has provided hope for those living with chronic pain. It is especially good for conditions that occur due to a slowdown in regenerative processes. It may help when prolonged treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs or physiotherapy fails to address the issue. Speak with us, we’ve got you covered.

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