Sexual Health and HIV

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What Is It?

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) refers to taking specially prescribed medications to reduce the risk of contracting HIV infection. If on is frequently exposed to HIV through sex or injectable drug use, PrEP can help stop the virus from establishing a permanent infection in the body.

Should I Be On It?

HIV PrEP is recommended for HIV-negative individuals who belong to a high-risk group for HIV infection which includes someone who has a HIV-positive partner, someone who has multiple sex partners, a partner with multiple partners, or a partner whose HIV status is unknown and does not practice safe sex, someone who has sex with commercial sex workers, someone who has recently had a sexually transmitted disease (STD), someone who injects drugs, or has unprotected sex with someone who injects drugs, or frequently uses HIV PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis). There are 2 types of PrEP courses, on-demand PrEP and regular PrEP.

How Can I Start It?

Typically, our doctors will assess your risk and perform blood tests before commencing PrEP. Patients will also require regular HIV and STD testing during the course based on one’s sexual history. Speak with us, we’ve got you covered.

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