Sexual Health and HIV

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What Is It?

There are medications that may help prevent HIV, even after a possible high risk exposure including unprotected sex with an HIV-positive person. PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) involves taking a particular set of medicines to prevent HIV within 72 hours after exposure.

Who Should Take It?

PEP is for emergencies and will only work when medications are taken within 72 hours of a high-risk exposure. Examples of high risk exposures include:
Breakage or slipping of the protection sheath when having sex
Unprotected intercourse among Men who have sex with men (MSM) or Sex workers
Sex with a person known to be HIV positive
Sex with someone who has high risk behaviour and whose HIV status is unclear
Sharing contaminated needles
Exposure to the blood or semen through an open cut, wound, sores, or ulcers
Sexual assault
PEP may also be used to prevent HIV due to occupational exposure, like exposure to blood in an operating theatre and more.

How Do I Go About Getting it?

If you think you have been exposed to HIV, get in touch with us immediately, as HIV prevention through PEP is a race against time. Speak with us, we’ve got you covered.

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